Transport Bag for Creamsource Vortex 8
$ 670,00
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Box contents
1x Transport Bag
Key Features
For Cream Source Vortex 8
High quality fabric
Water resistant
Steel core skeleton
Padded inner surface
4 carrying handle
Transparent identity pocket
Double zippered cover
Thick rubbered corners
Reinforced ground surface

Makes it easy to carry & store Vortex 8 kit
Carrying bag is custom made out  of high quality water resistant fabric. Special fibers are used for firm seams.
Steel skeleton is supported with inner padding material. To increase durability the ground surface has an extra protective layer and corners are covered with thick plastic rubbers. 
Padded divisions inside the bag prevent scratches and the upper cover comes with a zippered net pocket for small equipment.
Transparent identity pocket is on the top cover. The bag comes with straps on 4 sides.
Solid and lightweight structure provides safety for Creamsource Vortex 8 and comfort for its users.
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