Raincover M2 for Arri SkyPanel S60
$ 305,00
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Box contents
1x Raincover
1x Carrying Bag
Key Features
For Arri SkyPanel S60
Doesn’t block the light
Provides a protection in rainy,
snowy and dusty weathers
Air gaps for heat distribution

This Raincover is for ARRI SkyPanel S60 Lighting Panel

Raincover safely protects the Light Panel from the upper, rear, front and side facades in snow, dust and similar conditions.

Raincovers design and material quality makes the  airflow dynamic and cools the inner environment. Transparent surface doesn’t affect the light output. 

Setup is easy and fast with no cable interference.

Raincovers front gaps allows users to change direction of the light on its tripod in anyway  without making any adjustment on raincover 

Raincover integrates with SkyPanel S60 from all angles and allows you to work under difficult conditions for long hours.

Raincovers  lightweight &  foldable structure covers a little space and easy to carry with its own bag.

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