Raincover for Arri Alexa Mini
$ 245,00
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Box contents
1x Raincover
Key Features
For Arri Alexa Plus
Silent Fabric
Allows Camera Controls
Protects in rainy, dusty and snowy weathers

This Raincover, which is Vot's special design for Arri Alexa Mini, gives access to all of the camera controls that the user needs and fits the Arri Alexa Mini perfectly.

When working with your camera in challenging situations, such as rainy, snowy, or dusty weathers this raincover safeguards the Arri Alexa Mini in every way possible.

Raincovers silent fabric minimizes unwanted sounds caused by wind and rain.
It provides easy access to camera controls with its adjustable, transparent vinyl windows. 

Prevents the camera from overheating with its bottom gaps

Putting the Raincover on and off the Arri Alexa Mini is easy with its Velcro fastenings.

Raincover for Arri Alexa Mini offers ease of operation and high protection in harsh conditions.

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